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Rudolf Virchow (1821 – 1902)

German doctor, anthropologist, public health activist, pathologist, prehistorian, biologist and politician.
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Rudolf Virchow
"Cellular pathology is not an end if one cannot see any alteration in the cell. Chemistry brings the clarification of living processes nearer than does anatomy. Each anatomical change must have been preceded by a chemical one."
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Medical statistics will be our standard of measurement: we will weigh life for life and see where the dead lie thicker, among the workers or among the privileged.
"Between animal and human medicine, there is no dividing lineónor should there be."

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"The task of science is to stake out the limits of the knowable, and to center consciousness within them."
Virchow Rudolf
For if medicine is really to accomplish its great task, it must intervene in political and social life. It must point out the hindrances that impede the normal social functioning of vital processes, and effect their removal.
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