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Mark Waid

Eisner Award-winning American comic book writer.
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Mark Waid
After ten years he has finally let free a wrath that would cower Satan himself. How can any man possibly calm the fury he feels towards his persecutors.
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I no longer care about the mistakes of yesterday. I care about coping with tomorrow ... together.
The problems we face still exist. We're not going to solve them for you... we're going to solve them with you ... not by ruling above you ... but by living among you. We will no longer impose our power on humanity. We will earn your trust ... using the wisdom left as his legacy. I asked him to choose between humans and superhumans. But he alone knew that was a false division ... and made the only choice that ever truly matters ... he chose life ... in the hope that your world and our world could be one world once again.
You have watched the Titans walk the Earth ... and you have kept stride. Perhaps you are more like them than you realize. You exist ... to give hope.

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Across the world, new roles are embraced ... new alliances forged. After far too long a time, the gods have chosen to work with mankind towards a common good.
Only one works alone.
Waid Mark
I can see this, I suppose you could call it, aura of colors that words can't describe around living things. And when something dies the aura fades leaving something that's not easy to look at. It appears empty in a way that makes you feel empty too!
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