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Theo Walcott

English football player with Arsenal FC.
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Theo Walcott
He has the record on 40 metres. I think it's 4.72 seconds or something like that. Certainly Theo could have been a 100-metre runner.
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I trained with the lad last season at Southampton for two or three weeks. In all the years I played there was never anything I saw on a training pitch that took my breath away, but he was doing things on the pitch that made me stand up and say 'Wow'. He could go on and make a better player than Wayne Rooney.
I don't think the whole World Cup can rely on Theo Walcott but he can certainly come on and make a difference - and why not start him in a game or two? He is an interesting weapon because he can play wide and centrally. Then, once he is in front of the defender, nobody can catch him. He is a fantastic prospect.

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The kid can run through puddles and not make a splash. He is lightning quick and drifts over the ground.
Walcott Theo
He is potentially brilliant, and he is going to be exciting, but potential is nothing unless you can produce it. I would think he's way, way, way, miles away from international World Cup football.
Theo Walcott quotes
For me, it is not so surprising England chose him. In training we all notice him because he is confident and very quick.
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