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Joshua Waitzkin

American chess player, martial arts competitor, and author.
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Joshua Waitzkin
My first teachers were street players, guys who would hustle you, get in your head, break you down mentally before they did it over the board.
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I love the play between the conscious and unconscious minds in the creative moment, and for me chess and the martial arts are both about developing a rich working relationship with your intuition.
I think we are at our best when we work with our natural eruptions, use them as fuel for the fire.

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Our minds are all different and I believe cultivating a keen introspective sensitivity is absolutely essential in discovering our potential.
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Josh writes almost from a position of wonder, a person who admires thunderstorms and violent seas, he ponders the life lessons through which he has progressed, appraises, incorporates and evolves methods to deal with harsh reality and learn to use it to one’s own benefit.
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