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Maurice Maeterlinck

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Don't be alarmed They are a little annoyed because Spring is late... Leave it to me; I will settle it all.
The Cat

Maurice Maeterlinck

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Today, I should think of something about myself that really annoys me, and I should try to change it. Then, when I fail to change it, I can be annoyed by that as well. Then, I can be annoyed about how easily I get annoyed. Then I can get angry.

John S. Hall

This last week L. has been having a little temperature in the evening, due to malaria, and that due to a visit to Oxford; a place of death and decay. I'm almost alarmed to see how entirely my weight rests on his prop. And almost alarmed to see how intensely I'm specialised. My mind turned by anxiety, or other cause, from its scrutiny of blank paper, is like a lost child wandering the house, sitting on the bottom step to cry.

Virginia Woolf

So keep on calling me names, keep on, keep on.
And I'll keep kicking the crap till it's gone.
If you keep on killing, you could get me to settle.
And as soon as I settle, I bet I'll be able to move on.

Fiona Apple

He who hopes for spring with upturned eye never sees so small a thing as Draba. He who despairs of spring with downcast eye steps on it, unknowingly. He who searches for spring with his knees in the mud finds it, in abundance.

Aldo Leopold

Do you not think that sometimes when matters are at the worst with us, when we appear to have done all which we ourselves can do, yet all has been unavailing, and we have only shown we cannot, not we will not, help ourselves; that often just then something comes, almost as if supernaturally, to settle for us, as if our guardian angel took pity on our perplexities, and then at last obtained leave to help us? And if it be so, then what might only be a coincidence becomes a call of Providence, a voice from Heaven, a command.

James Anthony Froude
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