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Albertus Magnus (1193 – 1280)

German philosopher, theologian and Dominican friar who achieved fame for his comprehensive knowledge and advocacy for the peaceful coexistence of science and religion.
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Albertus Magnus
This dumb ox will fill the world with his bellowing.
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If the excrement of an elephant should be smeared on skin in which lice appear and left until it dries upon the skin, the lice will not remain on it but will depart immediately. If the fat of an elephant is smeared with it, it is said to cure the pain of one who suffers a headache; it is even said that if an ounce of elephant bone is drunk with ten ounces of wild mountain mint from something which a leper first touched, it does the most for a headache.
Natural science does not consist in ratifying what others have said, but in seeking the causes of phenomena.

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Do there exist many worlds, or is there but a single world? This is one of the most noble and exalted questions in the study of Nature.
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