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John Dolmayan

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We never expected anything, actually. I think we still don't expect anything. We were proud of the album when we finished it, so whatever success it has we are just like, 'Wow, cool.' It's not going to change the way we work or think. I'm as proud of this record now as I was when we finished it.
Craine, Charlie Hip Online Article September 2001

John Dolmayan

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It was very competitive in the '60s. And everybody caught the bug, y'know? It was like a “competitive bug.” And, as far as I could see, everybody was turning everybody on. ... The Beatles were a part of that whole “competition” thing. Rubber Soul blew my mind. It really made me wanna record; it made me wanna cut. It sounds like a collection of songs that belong together, and it was an uplifting feeling. So I thought I'd make a collection of songs — called Pet Sounds — together. That's how I got that idea. ... I'm proud of it. I think it's a very everlasting album. I'm very proud of the love that went into it. A lot of love went into that album. And people pick up on that too, and they really like it 'cause they feel the love.

Brian Wilson

Not being able to tour for Diorama was definitely a huge disappointment. I was (and still am) really proud of that record but i also feel like the response to it was better than expected given the circumstances. It inspired me to top it with Young Modern.

Daniel Johns

"Essentially what happens is that when I have finished a track and have new tracks to hand out, they get circulated to the people that we know. So they’re getting these new tracks and if they feel that it fits they will go with it. Like the queue that was used in Iron Man is 'Birthright' from the new record. It’s not even the final version; I haven’t even finished it yet. But, they got the song and heard certain parts of it and said yeah we want to use this."


However dreary we may have felt life to be here, yet when that hour comes — the winding up of all things, the last grand rush of darkness on our spirits, the hour of that awful sudden wrench from all we have ever known or loved, the long farewell to sun, moon, stars, and light — brother man, I ask you this day, and I ask myself humbly and fearfully, "What will then be finished? When it is finished, what will it be? Will it be the butterfly existence of pleasure, the mere life of science, a life of uninterrupted sin and self-gratification, or will it be, 'Father, I have finished the work which Thou gavest me to do?'"

Frederick William Robertson

BNP Member: I am proud to be white, and I am proud to be British.
Brand: But you should find other things to be proud of mate.

Russell Brand
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