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John Doe

American singer, songwriter and bass player who was the founder of the seminal L A punk band X.
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John Doe
I don't know of any other band that has two vocalists that can sing together without competition.
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Restraint can be tough. I've made a point to learn how to make a slow song have as much impact as a fast song. That's a challenge I've given myself, because it's easy to just get out there and blast through a bunch of things and feel as though you're exciting the audience. If you can do that with a slow song, then you really have some variety and some range.
Climbing uphill, one dollar bill, this town is far.

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I think whenever you are trying to establish something new, you have to draw a line and put everything that came before that behind you.
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You can't be a politician with a guitar.
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I think we were among the first positive examples of country music for the punk rock audience.
John Doe
If I was a better poet like William Carlos Williams Id be able to write about anything, but Im just a minor poet. So I just write about things like moments of crisis that tend to be on the sadder, darker side. You can spend ten minutes in a really dark place and write a song about it that lasts forever.
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