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Peter Doherty

Frontman and songwriter for the band Babyshambles, and formerly co-frontman and songwriter of Britrock band, The Libertines.
Peter Doherty
Her old man, he don't like blacks or queers
Yet he's proud we beat the Nazis
How queer...
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I may be a fool, but I'm not a f**ker.
She said, "I'll show you a picture,
A picture of tomorrow,
There's nothing changing, it's all sorrow."

"Oh, no, please don't show me
I'm a swine, you don't wanna know me!"

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He's a sweet kid, I've met him a few times. He'll go down in history as a Morrissey and Marr or Lennon and McCartney type character. Him and Carl were great for each other. Apart they'll probably be shocking. There's a lot of hypocrisy in the British press about drugs. The people who write the stories are usually off their heads on cocaine anyway.
Doherty Peter
Oh promises, promises
I know you've heard them all before
Love is, love is, love is, love is, love is...

Oh well, it's just around the corner
Peter Doherty quotes
Basically thereís a gulf between truth and untruth, I donít want to be too mathematical about it, because Iím not very good at maths. But itís a divide between, I dunno, a film and a cartoon. Iíve just become this cartoon character. I try not to follow it, but when you see pictures of yourself that have been photo-shopped to show you doing something you didnítÖ. thatís wrong. Itís my worst nightmare Ė and being misquoted, too, especially as Iím so precious about words.
Peter Doherty
I got headbutted in Wolverhampton. You [Carl] get snogged in Northampton, head butted in Wolverhampton and I won't even tell you what happened in Southampton. Basically Carlos gets the love and I get all the head butts, it seems to be the way of things.
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I still do. It's changed a lot. It started off as something ancient and forgotten; and became something modern and real. I just couldn't swim. The tunnels get narrower and narrower.
Has there ever been a musician of cultural significance who's been aware they're significant? Maybe it's a generation whose parents came from a working class environment and because they were rootless in a way, like me and him, they latched onto that as an identity. Maybe we romanticise what our parents wanted to escape from. We're, like, fantasising out a living.
Doherty Peter
I think I only needed something to hold on to. It has never been about depravity. It's always been about melody. But melody and I met in many depraved situations. Meeting melody is the victory of the empty spiralling nightmare.
Peter Doherty
It's one and the same, one and the same
What's the use between death and glory?
Hard to choose between death and glory
Happy endings they never bored me
Happy endings, they still don't bore me
They have a way, a way to make you pay
And to make you toe the line
Now I'm severing the ties because
I'm so clever but clever ain't wise

Peter Doherty quotes
ďYeah, well, I subscribe to the Umberto Eco view that Noel is a Poet and Liam is a town crier.Ē
Peter Doherty
I defy you all
To know twice as much as nothing at all
It's still nothing at all.
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The main instinct a lot of the time is to masquerade and hide the truth at all times. Whereas in reality what happens in songs is laying bare the truth. So a lot of time it's fighting that instinct, and the songs become almost confessional. They can also be quite condescending to myself, almost like I'm putting myself down.
Doherty Peter
They left me, by the side of the road, with a plastic bag and all kinds of bitterness Well, in my mind, and I can say this forever I suppose, and people might laugh at it, but I don't think I ever really left The Libertines, nor can I ever leave The Libertines, you know, having been a founder of the band with Carl, but that sounds silly, doesn't it, seeing as they played all the festivals without me and made it difficult, no - impossible, for me to play live with them.
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Sometimes I feel really guilty complaining about it because there are some amazing things happening around me but the darkness has prevailed, to be honest, in extremis. Yesterday, man, I went to buy a pint of milk and I got stopped in the street and searched. They found a crumb of rock in the lining of my coat that I didnít even know was there and I spent all day in fucking Charing Cross [police] station. Theyíre taking the piss, mate.
Peter Doherty
No, because it's not like they're the only songs we have. They're like children; you shouldn't really have a favourite. Unless one of your kids develops into a pervert.
Peter Doherty quotes
I made this big statement saying, "I've left The Libertines." A couple of people said, "You can't do that! You're such a great band! What are you gonna do about Brixton?" And some people said, "Well, I'd rather be here than Brixton." There's no reason you can't do both. If I was 16 or 17 and Morrissey opened his front door to me and let me go and listen to him and chat to him it would be a joy. Why not? It's possible. I don't really have that much else going on in my life.
Peter Doherty
I knew she wasn't English
Because she spoke it far too well
The grammar was goodly, the verbs as they should be
And the slang was bang on the bell
So as the language barrier clanged and banged
I couldn't hear--hear or see
England, London, and Bow
Crumbled into the sea.
Doherty Peter
I don't really know what "intellectual" means, but if it means you've got a desire to learn, you've got a desire to look for things that haven't been presented to you, then, maybe. I think that "intellectual" is quite an exclusive word. I think it's just for anyone that has a thirst or a hunger to improve themselves, or a yearning to escape from somewhere to get to a better place.

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