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Religion Quotes - random

Stephen King | Religion Quotes
Do you know how cruel your God can be, David. How fantastically cruel? ...Sometimes he makes us live.
Dylan Moran
The belief system that if you smiled hard enough into the face of God, you would eventually shit money.
Sam Walter Foss
We felt the universe wuz safe, an' God wuz on his throne.

Anne Bronte
God will judge us by our own thoughts and deeds, not by what others say about us.
Robert South
No man's religion ever survives his morals.
John Dryden | Religion Quotes
It is sufficient to say, according to the proverb, that here is God's plenty.
Bill Hybels
The idea that God doesn't care about his children is rooted in a lie, plain and simple.
Emil Cioran
There is always someone above you: beyond God Himself rises Nothingness.
Thomas a Kempis
There is no creature so small and abject, that it representeth not the goodness of God.
John Donne
Let not one bring Learning, another Diligence, another Religion, but every one bring all.
Sarada Devi | Religion Quotes
The mantra purifies the body. Man becomes pure by repeating the name of God. So repeat His name always.

Joseph Heller
God had no need for Ecclesiastes to acquaint Him with vanity.
Arthur Symons
The mystic too full of God to speak intelligibly to the world.
J. M. Barrie
One's religion is whatever he is most interested in, and yours is Success.
Maxfield Parrish
Modernistic-Abstractionist-Art... consists of 75% explanation and 25% God knows what!
Andrew Sullivan | Religion Quotes
If religion is about truth, why is it so afraid of error?
Patrick MacDonogh
God pity me now and all desolate sinners
Demented with beauty!
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Dear God, please take care of your servant John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
Fernando Pessoa
Faithful to the word given and the idea had.
All else is up to God!
Artemus Ward
My pollertics, like my religion, being of an exceedin' accommodatin' character.

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