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Rhodri Morgan

Welsh politician and the second and current First Minister of Wales.
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Rhodri Morgan
Therefore, the only thing that is not up for grabs is no change. It is fair to say that it is all to play for, except in ruling out no change.
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Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?
I also say to all of you listening in the Chamber and outside that I feel very proud to be slipping the captain’s armband onto my shirt sleeve again today. That is why, in all humility, I ask for your assistance as we seek to do our duty here. I say to this Assembly and to the people that I am not the boss – they, the people, are the boss.

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To say it is a dog's breakfast is an insult to the pet food industry.
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I think that Elin Jones made the point that that ?450 million could have gone on health or anything else, but obviously the issue is that if you had another ?450 million from somewhere else, you have got another ?450 million, but what does that tell you? That is like saying, if my aunty was a bloke, she would be my uncle.
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