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Petula Clark

English singer, actress and composer whose career has spanned seven decades.
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Petula Clark
I was with Karen Carpenter in Vegas. We were invited to Elvis's dressing room and I had to drag her away. She was such a sweet girl but I could see what was going on. I met him a few times after that, and he flirted very heavily with me. I was supposed to do a movie with him and that was stopped right away by my husband!
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I had almost no education. I hardly went to school. Id be away for weeks doing films, then Id come back and have no idea what they were talking about. Of course the other kids loved it: You may be a well-known star but you dont know how to do algebra. It was a nightmare.
I am not really a reminiscing type person. I am not nostalgic at all.

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It was a strange life, I suppose, but it was the only one Ive ever known. What is a normal childhood anyway?
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I did all my real growing up in France, which I was almost not allowed to do at home. They liked my voice, they found me sexy, they didn't know anything about my childhood. In England, youd come on to a bright cheerful song, do a bit of comedy, finish on a big ballad and wear a sparkly dress. That was about it. Suddenly I saw people like Aznavour and Piaf, songs coming from your heart, your soul, your guts, your sex, whatever, songs about everything, life and death, love and hate, wow! I realised you can use all of you when you perform.
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