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Annie Clark

American multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter who performs using the moniker St Vincent.
Annie Clark
I like the material, which makes it easy to sort of delve into it, and then also I was too tired to be nervous. I was just happy. The anxiety, the anxious energy was not there, because I was too exhausted.
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The first thing I did when I picked up any instrument, when I was five years old, was write a song. It's kind of funny; I thought about it, statements that it's a "solo effort" — it's kind of like, "Oh, well I've been doing this since I was five." I was kind of doing this before I did anything else.
All your praying moments amount to just one breath.
Please keep your victory
But give me little death.

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The drug issue is hard to separate from a class issue, an education issue, a wonky foreign policy issue, and a race issue. What I do know is, be it caffeine, alcohol, cocaine, or adrenaline, let's face it: people like to get high. From Starbucks to Budweiser to your own brain, everybody's a pusher these days. If I could substitute another drug to be consumed in the country as much as alcohol is, it would be helium from children's birthday party balloons. Try not laughing when someone sounds like a chipmunk!
Clark Annie
I love the idea that something would be whimsical, and like "delightful", you know, but also disgusting — so I like this sort of, you know, a really gnarly guitar — really gross, disgusting guitar and then a — really a whimsical... — it's one of those things you can only describe in sort of awkward hand gestures and eye motions. Imagine!
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I think I love you I think I'm mad.
Annie Clark
I enjoyed, and I tried to soak up and learn everything as fast as I could from doing any kind of music. It's good to have a gig. If you're a musician, it's good to be working.
I love doing all of it, but Marry Me is my baby, St. Vincent is my child.
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What me worry? I never do.
Life is one charming ruse for us lucky few.
Little lamb, what's your plan?
Greener pastures in the sky?
It's a shame you want to die know why
Just to find you've been blinded to the greenest of pastures they're right here on Earth
For what it's worth you're not the first to break my heart.
Clark Annie
Sticks and stones have made me smarter
it's words that cut me under my armor they say...
Annie Clark
You're a supplement, You're a salve,
You're a bandage, pull it off
I can quit you, cut it out.
You're a patient, iron lung.

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Come, my love, the stage is waiting,
Be the one to save my saving grace.
Annie Clark
I think anyone who is creative or self-aware in any way, there’s like a humility to it, or I should say a humiliation to it. But there’s also a self-delusion — the provisional ego, as my uncle would call it. The self-delusion is the thing that makes you go, oh you know what, all the music that I’ve ever loved in the world, I want to be a part of that — hey, listen to what I have to say, it’s really important, it’s going to matter.”
You can’t apologize your way into people’s hearts ... You have to go full force.
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Many people wanna make money, make love,
make friends, make peace with death —
But most mainly want to win the game they came to win
they want to come out ahead.
But you, you're a rock, with a heart like a socket I can plug into at will.
And will you guess when I come around next.
I hope your open sign is blinking still.
Clark Annie
Leaden trumpets spit the soot of power they say
"I'm on your side when nobody is, cause nobody is.
Come sit right here and sleep while I slip poison in your ear"
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Her stage name was inspired by the hospital where Dylan Thomas spent his last hours. “It’s the place where poetry comes to die,” she said, joking. “That’s me."
Annie Clark
Honey can you reach the spots that need oiling and fixing.
H E L P Help Me.
Annie Clark quotes
Just like an amnesiac, trying to get my senses back.
Oh where did they go.
Annie Clark
I traded my plot of land for a plane to anywhere
Oh where did you go.
And I can't see the future but I know it's watching me.
All my old friends aren't so friendly
And all my old haunts are now haunting me.
Clark Annie
I'm a debut artist, I'm not established — nobody would write about it if they didn't like it. So I'm waiting for the next album for the backlash.

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