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Alan Clark (1928 – 1999)

British Conservative politician, historian and diarist.
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Alan Clark
So what does it matter where it was when it was hit? We could have sunk it if it'd been tied up on the quayside in a neutral port and everyone would still have been delighted.
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I only can properly enjoy carol services if I am having an illicit affair with someone in the congregation. Why is this? Perhaps because they are essentially pagan, not Christian, celebrations.
I am confirmed in my opinion that it is hopeless here. All we can do is arm the Orangemen – to the teeth – and get out.

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I fell into conversation with Douglas. His is a split personality. ? deux he is delightful; clever, funny, observant, drily cynical. But get him anywhere near "display mode", particularly if there are officials around, and he might as well have a corncob up his arse. Pompous, trite, high-sounding, cautiously guarded.
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The only solution for dealing with the IRA is to kill 600 people in one night.
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I want to fire the whole lot. Instantly. Out, out. No "District" commands, no golden bowlers, nothing. Out ... If I could, I'd do what Stalin did to Tukhachevsky.
Alan Clark
John Pilger: I read that you were a vegetarian and you are seriously concerned about the way animals are killed.
Alan Clark: Yeah.
John Pilger: Doesn’t that concern extend to the way humans, albeit foreigners, are killed?
Alan Clark: Curiously not.
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You cannot come here because you are not white.
I am not a fascist. Fascists are shopkeepers, I am a Nazi.
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