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Nicole Kidman

Academy Award-winning American-Australian actress, producer and singer.
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Nicole Kidman
It wasn't about, 'Oh I want to make a film where I get to kiss a 10-year-old boy'. To me it was I wanted to make a film where you're trying to understand love.
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Now I can wear heels.
I have a little bit of a belly, a tiny bit of pooch. It's the one thing I don't want to lose. I just like having some softness. If I lose that, then Tom might leave me.

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I love acting, but it's much more fun taking the kids to the zoo.
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I telephoned Lauren and thanked her for saying that. She always calls it like it is and that's a reality check I adore.
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I'm trying to find a man to share my life with, but it's not been easy. I'm a 35-year-old woman with two small children!
Nicole Kidman
It would be far easier to go, 'Oh, I wish I loved women,' but I don't. I love the way a man thinks. I love the way a man smells. I love the way men look. And I'm hooked on the male physique--hooked on it.
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