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Steve Kilbey

Lead singer of Australian independent band The Church.
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Steve Kilbey
So now we're cruisin' down this shuddering highway with the dead sun shining on my back. ~ Myrrh
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Why are those buildings swaying like trees? ~ Hotel Womb
The universe is female
Eluding the science of men
You sway and you swagger with your neat little dagger
You're gonna blow it again ....
I'll prove her existence in everything
The soul of her rivers and stones
Her acquiescence in everything
Her essence, her presence, her bones. ~ Essence

Kilbey Steve quotes
In the space between our houses
some bones have been discovered
but our procession lurches on
as if we have recovered... ~ Destination
Kilbey Steve
Follow her down to worship some god
Who never speaks to me, I wonder if that's odd
Then he says you're never listening. ~ Lost
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The pines smell sweet in the frozen air,
and their silhoutte's just fading there,
the wolves crouch close, against the snow
but where we're running I don't know,
In villages and soft sad towns
the candles sway as night comes down,
cold bones creak and strange beasts cry,
watching shadows in the sky...
All I have, all I need, all I providence. ~ Providence
Steve Kilbey
On this very spot a great city once stood,
It oozed with evil but it felt so good... ~ City
Kilbey Steve quotes
She put her foot down on the oscillation pedal, she was a transdimensional speeder... ~ Terra Nova Cain
Great cities, or the endless beautiful plains stretched out before
his jaded gaze and disappeared into the nothingness of his feeling. ~ Fall in Love
Kilbey Steve
And she beckons to you with her fingers and lies
She says: can't you slice the price of your paradise. ~ A Month of Sundays
Steve Kilbey
The world keeps spinning, people keep sinning
all the rest is just bullshit. ~ Authority

Steve Kilbey quotes
I paid eighty dollars for this wedding ring, I couldn't take it off if I tried... ~ Hotel Womb
Steve Kilbey
You stare down at some crowd from your trapeze
And when you fell they fell down on their knees
And when you broke they scrambled for a piece
And when you spoke I felt their anger freeze. ~ Metropolis
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