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Chuck Berry

American guitarist, singer and songwriter, and one of the pioneers of rock and roll music.
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Chuck Berry
Baby doll!
When bells ring out the summer free
Oh baby doll!
Will it end for you and me?
We'll sing our old Alma Mater
And think of things that used to be
Berry quotes
Did I miss the skyscrapers, did I miss the long freeway?
From the coast of California to the shores of The Delaware Bay
You can bet your life I did, till I got back in the U.S.A.
Milo Venus was a beautiful lass,
She had the world in the palm of her hand.
But she lost both her arms in a wrestling match,
To get a brown eyed handsome man.

Berry Chuck quotes
Hail, hail rock and roll; deliver me from the days of old.
Long live rock and roll; the beat of the drums, loud and bold.
Rock, rock, rock and roll; the feelin' is there, body and soul.
Berry Chuck
Just like a bolt of thunder and a streak of heat
Leo covered Jo Jo with all four feet
Jo Jo was screamin' with tears in his eyes
Said," Please Mr. Leo, I apologize"
Chuck Berry quotes
The little girl's creative, a repertoire that rings,
And Hollywood is waiting, to see the way she swings.
She'll be graduating, goin' on to higher things,
The little girl from Central is gonna take on wings.
Chuck Berry
Well Dad, send the money,
See what I can see,
Try to find a Cadillac,
A Sixty-two or three.
Just something that won't worry us
To keep it on the road.
Sincerely, your beloved son,
Henry Junior Ford
Berry Chuck quotes
Workin' in the fillin' station - too many tasks.
Wipe the windows - check the tires - check the oil - dollar gas!
Too much monkey business. Too much monkey business.
Don't want your botheration, get away, leave me!
Too much monkey business for me!
I learned more from Chuck Berry about America than I could have from the U.S. Information Service in London.
Berry Chuck
No particular place to go,
So we parked way out on the Kokomo
The night was young and the moon was bold
So we both decided to take a stroll
Can you imagine the way I felt?
I couldn't unfasten her safety belt!
Chuck Berry
Well I looked at my watch, it was 9:54
I said, "Dance ballerina girl, go go go!"
And we rolled, reelin' and a rockin'
We was reelin' and a rockin'
Rollin' till the break of dawn

Chuck Berry quotes
Send more Chuck Berry.
Chuck Berry
Nadine, honey is that you?
Oh, Nadine, honey is that you?
Seems like every time I see you
Darling, you got something else to do
Berry quotes
Way down South they gave a jubilee
Them Georgia folks they had a jamboree
They’re drinking home brew from a wooden cup
The folks dancing there got all shook up.
Berry Chuck
They say that Elvis is the King of Rock and Roll, but Chuck? Berry is God All Mighty. Everyone else is standing in the shadows.
Berry Chuck quotes
Yeah 'n' I'm doin' all right in school.
They ain't said I broke no rule.
I ain't never been in Dutch.
I don't browse around too much
Chuck Berry
Chuck Berry is the greatest of the rock and rollers. Elvis competes with Frank Sinatra, Little Richard camps his way to self-negation, Fats Domino looks old, and Jerry Lee Lewis looks down his noble honker at all those who refuse to understand that Jerry Lee has chosen to become a great country singer.
Chuck Berry quotes
Ow! Have mercy on my little Tulane
She's too alive to try to live alone
And I know her needs
And although she loves me
She's gonna try to make it
While the poor boy's gone
Somebody should tell her to live
And I'll understand it
And even love her more
When I come back home
Chuck Berry
She’s got the grownup blues
Tight dresses and lipstick
She’s sportin’ high-heeled shoes
Oh but tomorrow morning
She’ll have to change her trend
And be sweet sixteen
And back in class again.
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