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Daniel J. Bernstein

Daniel J Bernstein is a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, a mathematician, a cryptologist, and a programmer, noted as the author of the computer software qmail and djbdns.
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Daniel J. Bernstein
"So it's tempting to incorporate a smaller resolver library into qmail. [...] I'd no longer be able to blame the BIND authors and vendors for the fact that attackers can easily use DNS to steal mail." [From the file "THOUGHTS" of the qmail distribution]
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"The great thing about attackers is that there are so many to choose from!"
"I often see people saying 'Nobody has produced an invulnerable software system; therefore, nobody will ever produce an invulnerable software system.'

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"Of course, the test difficulty depends on what you're doing, and on how you're doing it. I'm constantly asking "How much would I have to screw this up to write an incorrect function that passes these simple tests?" Occasionally the answer is "Not much," so I'll throw the code away and start over. It was probably perfect code, but that's not good enough."
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