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Chuck Berry

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Well I looked at my watch, it was 9:54
I said, "Dance ballerina girl, go go go!"
And we rolled, reelin' and a rockin'
We was reelin' and a rockin'
Rollin' till the break of dawn
Reelin' and Rockin' (1958)

Chuck Berry

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Train whistle blowin',
Makes a sleepy noise;
Underneath their blankets
Go all the girls and boys.
Rockin', rollin', ridin',
Out along the bay,
All bound for Morningtown,
Many miles away.

Malvina Reynolds

In Jailhouse Rock, he was everything rockabilly's about. Nah, nah, I mean, he is rockabilly: mean, surly, nasty, rude. In that movie, he couldn't give a f**k about nothin' except rockin' and rollin', livin' fast, dying young, and leaving a good-lookin' corpse, y'know?

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Yeah I'm in love with the girl in the four-wheel drive
Chrome steel bumpers and red step side
She has a large time in her large machine
Man I wonder how she gets up in that thing
It casts a big shadow sittin' in the sun
She's got it revved up rockin' ready to run
And someday soon I'm gonna climb right up
And take a little ride in her big ol' truck.

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You sittin' here chained to your rockin' chair.

Hoagy Carmichael
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