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Pet Quotes - random

Nicole Hollander | Pet Quotes
(Cat) In 1989, I resolve to develop a longer attention...
Christopher Moore
Fornication with your daughters thats like a double dog sin.
Norbert Wiener
The best material model of a cat is another, or preferably the same, cat.

Robertson Davies
A pig can learn more tricks than a dog, but has too much sense to want to do it.
John Heywood
A heare of the dog that bote vs last night.
Marilyn Monroe | Pet Quotes
Dogs never bite me. Just humans.
Darby Conley
Do not go gentle into that cold bath! (famous cat quotes)
Thomas Fuller (writer)
All Cats are alike grey in the Night.
John Donne
A man that is not afraid of a Lion is afraid of a Cat.
Richard Wright
With a twitching nose
A dog reads a telegram
On a wet tree trunk.
George Herbert | Pet Quotes
Hee that lies with the dogs riseth with fleas.

Charles Darwin
A metaphysician is like a blind man in a dark room, looking for a black cat which isn't there.
Oskar Schindler
There was no choice. If you saw a dog going to be crushed under a car, wouldn't you help him?
Darby Conley
I regret that you have one pie to give for my tummy. (famous cat quotes)
Alexander Pope
I am his Highness' dog at Kew;
Pray tell me, sir, whose dog are you?
James Nicoll | Pet Quotes
Yes, I was suprised how easy it was to cut the door off my cat.
Paolo Bacigalupi
If you act like a servant, you will die like a dog.
Josh Billings
I don't rekoleckt now ov ever hearing ov two dogs fiteing unless thare waz a man or two around.
It's a dog eat dog world.
Christopher Hampton
Asking a working writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a lamp-post what it feels about dogs.

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