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Larry the Cable Guy

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Did you know that when a baby poops its diaper, you're not supposed to hit him with a rolled up newspaper?

Larry the Cable Guy

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Now, I doubt any of you would prefer a rolled up newspaper as a weapon against a dictator or a criminal intruder. Yet in essence, that is what you have asked our loved ones to do, through an ill-contrived and totally naive campaign against the Second Amendment.

Charlton Heston

As beatific as Gandhi was, I'm sure there was some guy in a Bombay bar going, "I knew Gandhi...he was a prick. He was sucking down a pork hot dog, hitting on Mother Teresa. He kept saying "Who's your diaper daddy, who's your diaper daddy?"

Robin Williams

Iím gonna rock you baby to sleep
Iím gonna make you crazy over me
Iím gonna hold you like youíve never been held before
And love you till you tell me you canít love anymore
Iím gonna shake your emotion right down to your soul
And then Iím gonna love you all over in and out of control
If this is how love is supposed to feel
Baby I know Iíve fallen head over heels
Iím gonna rock you baby.

Toby Keith

My wife wants a dog. She already has a baby. The babyís almost two. My wife says that the baby wants the dog.
My wife has been wanting a dog for a long time. I have had to be the one to tell her that she couldnít have one. But now the baby wants a dog, my wife says. This may be true. The baby is very close to my wife. They go around together all the time, clutching each other tightly. I ask the baby, who is a girl, ďWhose girl are you? Are you Daddyís girl?Ē The baby says, ďMomma,Ē and she doesnít just say it once, she says it repeatedly, ďMomma momma momma.Ē I donít see why I should buy a hundred-dollar dog for that damn baby.

Donald Barthelme

The duty of the moment is what you should be doing at any given time, in whatever place God has put you. You may not have Christ in a homeless person at your door, but you may have a little child. If you have a child, your duty of the moment may be to change a dirty diaper. So you do it. But you donít just change that diaper, you change it to the best of your ability, with great love for both God and that child.... There are all kinds of good Catholic things you can do, but whatever they are, you have to realize that there is always the duty of the moment to be done. And it must be done, because the duty of the moment is the duty of God.

Catherine Doherty
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