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Ali Larijani

Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting for 19942004 and has been the secretary of Iran's National Security Council since 2005.
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Ali Larijani
It seems that in the world of politics, lying is not such a big deal.
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We have information that the US ambassador in Iraq held a meeting with several terrorist groups in Iraq, and told them three things. he told them, first of all, to stop aiming their rifles at America. Second, he told them to direct their struggle towards Iran, and third, to direct it towards the Shiites in Iraq.
Article 11 of the NPT states that if we are threatened, we can act in secret.

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The important thing is what we do, and not the deceitful theory of reading others' intentions. This is also a new thing they say: "We know that Iran's intention is to pursue nuclear weapons." Do you have a device that reads intentions?
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