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Nicole Lapin

American journalist and an anchor on CNN.
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Nicole Lapin
Itís not about hair, itís about being you--whether thatís something the industry has seen before and accepts or not.
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Anchoring four hours a day, solo, you have to know your stuff. But I do. I'm a real geek.
Intelligence is attractive, but so is life experience. You canít amass it just by reading a ton of books. But you can live a lot of life in a short time. Travel. Talk to everyone. Collect adventures, and use them to understand the world. Thatís how you learn to treat people well. And thatís sexy.

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This is a competitive business ó there are a lot of women who want these jobs, but experience, education, and smarts go a long way. Iím still figuring it out ó I learn new things every day. Once you stop learning, you should get out of the business. Itís just really about being hungry for more.
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My generation isnít tolerant of what they see as fake or staged. Theyíre looking for authenticity and honesty. Journalists who want to reach them need to be able to say, ĎI donít personally have all the answers, but I do have a good idea about where weíll find them.'
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Iím a vegan. But, no one believes it because when youíre out in the field, most of your meal options involve meat with a side of something fried. Iíve learned how to be creative and improvise and can eat anywhere ó even a steak house or a gas station.
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