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Larry Flynt

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Women are here to serve men. Look at them, they got to squat to piss. Hell, that proves it.

Larry Flynt

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Jed Exodus, sounds like he's gonna go get changed in a phone box [posh heroic American voice] "WATCH OUT FOR JED EXODUS... I AM THE PISSER... I CAN FILL A HOLE IN NO TIME." That's where he's probably just gone now, out to prevent a crime. "HEY YOU, GET AWAY FROM THAT WOMAN AND STOP MUGGING HER." "All right mate, all right." "THERE YOU GO, MADAM, YOU CAN GO ON YOUR WAY, PISS, PISS, PISS, PISS, PISS, PISS, PISS."

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I can tell you squat about Islamism. But I know a lot about Al Quaeda, and they need to burn in hell.


This [statement that women in Poland earn on avarage 20% less than men] is a proof that women are unfit for work. (...) If in NBA short men earn 20% less than tall men it means that they are less fit for work. If I have an employee, and I pay him less than another, thet means that the second one is a better employee. If a feminist says that women earn 20% less, she proves that women are 20% less fit for work. It's simple and obvious.

Janusz Korwin-Mikke

In my country at present, women have no participation in the higher levels of government and none whatsoever in the judiciary. Even within the democratic movement only 14 out of the 485 MPs elected in 1990 were women -- all from my own party, the National League for Democracy. These 14 women represent less than 3 percent of the total number of successful candidates. They, like their male colleagues, have not been permitted to take office since the outcome of those elections has been totally ignored. Yet the very high performance of women in our educational system and in the management of commercial enterprises proves their enormous potential to contribute to the betterment of society in general. Meanwhile our women have yet to achieve those fundamental rights of free expression, association and security of life denied also to their menfolk.

Aung San Suu Kyi

England is a paradise for women and hell for horses; Italy a paradise for horses, hell for women, as the diverb goes.

Robert Burton
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