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F. S. Flint (1885 – 1960)

English poet and translator who was a prominent member of the Imagist group.
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F. S. Flint
There is a natural physiological tendency to pronounce in one breath successive groups of rhythmic feet, and the rhythmic content in the average length of breathing can only be called a verse.
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Like most inventors, Pound did not create out of the void. The "Image" he took from T.E. Hulme's table talk. The "ism" was suggested to him by the notes on contemporary French poetry which I wrote for Harold Monro's Poetry Review. The collacation of 'image' and 'ism' came to Pound after I had told him about Divoire's essays on stratégie littéraire.
I have followed my ear and my heart, which may be false. I hope not.

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The poem, a harmonious flow of nuances, demands a musical rhythm, Vers libre.
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