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Kenan Evren

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I sometimes feel jealous of countries like the U.S. and Great Britain that have two neighbors. ... When you have two neighbors, you have two problems. When you have eight neighbors, you have eight problems.
The Turkish Times, (News section, April 1, 2002, Year 14 No. 297)
Remarks from a statement responding to the announcement of the Kenan Evren Eminent Scholar Chair in Turkish Studies at Florida Atlantic University.

Kenan Evren

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What did the Ottoman Empire bring to the peoples under its yoke other than massacres, oppression, and tyranny? Does anyone miss Ottomanism, providing a reason to deliver a “New Ottomanism”? And what does the “zero problems with the neighbors” policy mean? Does it mean that all neighbors should obediently do what Turkey wants them to do and satisfy Turkey’s preconditions? There are probably neighbors for whom it is quite beneficial, but we are certainly not among them.

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