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John Evelyn (1620 – 1706)

English writer on the arts and sciences, and a founder member of the Royal Society.
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John Evelyn
The title that has consecrated this Alter is the Marriage of Souls, and the Golden thread that tyes the hearts of all the world; I tell you, Madam, Freindshipp is beyond all relations of flesh and blood, because it is less materiall.
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He was universally belov'd, Hospitable, Generous, Learned in many things, skill'd in Musick, a very greate Cherisher of Learned men of whom he had the conversation.
This Knight was indeede a valiant Gent: but not a little given to romance, when he spake of himselfe.

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I saw Hamlet Pr: of Denmark played: but now the old playe began to disgust this refined age.
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