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Jackson Jackson

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Everyone's time come sometime come
But if ya wanna speed it up, yeah, then grab a gun!
Grab a Gun

Jackson Jackson

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When she's layin' on my shoulder on the sofa in the dark
And about the time she falls asleep, so does my right arm.
And I want so bad to move it, 'cause it's tinglin' and it's numb;
But she looks so much like an angel that I don't wanna wake her up.
Yeah I live for little moments
When she steals my heart again and doesn't even know it.
Yeah I live for little moments like that.

Brad Paisley

How big are muffins going to get before we all join hands across America? Have you seen them? They're huge. You walk in, "Yeah, I'll take a coffee and... Oh my God! Yeah, I'll take the bean bag chair with raisins. Wooh! Yeah! Alright, can't believe this is fat-free! Hey, you wanna help me out to the trunk of my car? No, leave the Saran Wrap on it I'll use it to cover my pool, this is good."

Kevin James

"The AP2 thing...we were in New York, we had some time, they were down in the CellDweller Studios, and Klayton's like 'Yeah, you guys wanna crash at my house?' 'Sure.' 'Oh, by the way, we're doing a song.' Buka's like 'Yeah man, write some lyrics, let's go in there and put you on there.' 'All right, let's do it.' Done. Did it in one morning. I woke up, and tracked, and we split. And that's how we do it, because it's like survival. It's not catered, we don't...I don't have my people call his people, we work it out, I fly in...it's not like that. We just try to do whatever we can, 'cuz we're all starving artists just trying to do our thing." Mark Salomon of Stavesacre Nov 2001


In any event, mere speed is not a test of justice. Deliberate speed is. Deliberate speed takes time. But it is time well spent.

Felix Frankfurter
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