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Faith Quotes - random

James Hudson Taylor | Faith Quotes
A little thing is a little thing, but faithfulness in little things is a great thing.
Charles Haddon Spurgeon
This is faith, receiving the truth of Christ; first knowing it to be true, and then acting upon that belief.
Christopher Hitchens
Time spent arguing with the faithful is, oddly enough, almost never wasted.

Dr. Seuss
I meant what I said,
and I said what I meant
An elephant's faithful,
One hundred percent.
Richard Edwardes
The fallyng out of faithfull frends is the renuyng of loue.
Abraham Lincoln | Faith Quotes
The only person who is a worse liar than a faith healer is his patient.
Abraham Cowley
His faith, perhaps, in some nice tenets might
Be wrong; his life, I 'm sure, was in the right.
Arthur Hugh Clough
Hope conquers cowardice, joy grief;
Or at least, faith unbelief.
Jack McDevitt
So long as you believe in some truth you do not believe in yourself. You are a servant. A man of faith.
James MacDonald
While we wait, God builds our faith in His promises.
Junius | Faith Quotes
When once a man is determined to believe, the very absurdity of the doctrine confirms him in his faith.

Martin Luther
A faithful and good servant is a real godsend; but truly 'tis a rare bird in the land.
Eric Hoffer
Take away hatred from some people, and you have men without faith.
James O. Fraser
Praying without faith is like trying to cut with a blunt knife: much labor expended to little purpose.
Lewis H. Lapham
If we could let go of our faith in money, who knows what we might put in its place?
Henry S. Haskins | Faith Quotes
Be a sincere effort never so misguided, to laugh at it is a breach of faith with decency.
Holy Prophet Muhammad
Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever has not kindness has not faith.
John Calvin
But a faithful believer will in all circumstances mediate on the mercy and fatherly goodness of God.
John Townsend
What is faith? Faith is trusting God for your problems and for your life.
John Aubrey
He was a learned man, of immense reading, but is much blamed for his unfaithfull quotations.

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