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James O. Fraser (1886 – 1938)

British Protestant Christian missionary to China with the China Inland Mission.
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James O. Fraser
16 January 1916 Source: Geraldine Taylor. Behind the Ranges: The Life-changing Story of J.O. Fraser. Singapore: OMF International (IHQ) Ltd., 1998, 151.
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My mistake has too often been that of too much haste. But it is not the peopleís way to hurry, nor is it Godís way either. Hurry means worry, and worry effectually drives the peace of God from the heart.
Solid, lasting missionary work is done on our knees.

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Here then we see Godís way of success in our work, whatever it may be Ė a trinity of prayer, faith and patience.
Fraser James O.
The enemy is delighted to have us so occupied incessantly with secondary and trivial concerns, as to keep us from attacking and resisting in the true spirit of the conflict.
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I do not intend to be one of those who bemoan little results, while resting in the faithfulness of God. My cue is to take hold of the faithfulness of God and USE THE MEANS necessary to secure big results.
James O. Fraser
Praying without faith is like trying to cut with a blunt knife: much labor expended to little purpose.
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I used to think that prayer should have the first place and teaching the second. I now feel that it would be truer to give prayer the first, second and third place, and teaching the fourth.
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