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William Hargreaves

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The flies go up the window,
They've nothing else to do,
They go up in their hundreds
And they come down two by two.
Song I Know Where The Flies Go

William Hargreaves

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The very dogs were all asleep, and the flies, drunk with moist sugar in the grocerís shop, forgot their wings and briskness, and baked to death in dusty corners of the window.

Charles Dickens

If there's one thing I can't bear, it's when hundreds of old men come creeping in through the window in the middle of the night and throw all manner of garbage over me. I can't bear that.

Peter Cook

Time flies like the wind, but fruit flies like bananas. - Groucho Marx


...The fucking heat and the flies and scorpions and all this fucking sand....These fucking great swarms of black flies had plenty to drink, which was the sweat on our necks and faces. In a way you could see that a man could laugh at the extremes of the misery of it, stumbling through all this white sand like hot snow, the dried shit in our breeches, and knowing we were marching on on on on only to get cut to pieces with fucking axes and scimitars at the end of it....Once or twice we came to villages, but they were all empty or full of dead that the Bedouin had left to the flies and the ants, and the wells had been filled in with stones....and the only sound was the buzzing of those fucking great black flies....and the sun was like a great round arse shitting fire.

Anthony Burgess

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

Groucho Marx
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