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William Fitzsimmons

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I can't wait for you.

William Fitzsimmons

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If your officer's dead and the sergeants look white,
Remember it's ruin to run from a fight:
So take open order, lie down, and sit tight,
And wait for supports like a soldier.
Wait, wait, wait like a soldier...

Rudyard Kipling

There has never been upon the earth a generation of free men and women. It is not yet time to write a creed. Wait until the chains are broken until dungeons are not regarded as temples. Wait until solemnity is not mistaken for wisdom until mental cowardice ceases to be known as reverence. Wait until the living are considered the equals of the dead until the cradle takes precedence of the coffin. Wait until what we know can be spoken without regard to what others may believe. Wait until teachers take the place of preachers until followers become investigators. Wait until the world is free before you write a creed.
In this creed there will be but one word Liberty.

Robert G. Ingersoll

So when I'm killed, don't wait for me,
Walking the dim corridor;
In Heaven or Hell, don't wait for me,
Or you must wait for evermore.
You'll find me buried, living-dead
In these verses that you've read.

Robert Graves

I was clear, Alice Toklas says and very often mistaken but anyway I am clear I am a good American, I am slow-minded and quickly clear in expression, I am certain that I see everything that is seen and in between I stand around but I do not wait, no American can wait he can stand around and do nothing but he cannot wait, that is why he is not like Milton who served by standing and waiting, Americans can neither serve nor wait, they can stand and sit down and get up and walk around but they can neither serve nor wait.

Gertrude Stein

I wait for you
Sleight of hand and twist of fate
On a bed of nails she makes me wait
And I wait, without you
With or without you, with or without you.


Wait, then, my soul! submissive wait,
Prostrate before His awful seat;
And "mid the terrors of His rod,
Trust in a wise and gracious God!

Richard Henry Beddome
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