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Technology Quotes - random

David Mitchell | Technology Quotes
Courage is the highest quality for a soldier, but technology is a fine substitute.
Douglas Coupland
Technology does not always equal progress.
Neil Postman
The effects of technology are always unpredictable. But they are not always inevitable.

Rollo May
Technology is the knack of so arranging the world that we do not experience it.
Cory Doctorow
This is why I loved technology: if you used it right, it could give you power and privacy.
Newton Lee | Technology Quotes
Every major technological innovation propels humanity forward to the point of no return.
Gregory Benford
Any technology that does not appear magical is insufficiently advanced.
David Harvey (geographer)
But planned obsolescence is possible only if the rate of technological change is contained.
Marshall McLuhan
The most human thing about us is our technology.
Saul Gorn
Science vs. Technology: We should know why things must act as they do, to make them act as we want them to.
Larry Niven | Technology Quotes
9) Ethics change with technology.

Douglas Adams
We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.
Lois McMaster Bujold
I am increasingly convinced that technological culture is the entire root of women's liberation.
Marshall McLuhan
After childhood, the senses specialize via the channels of dominant technologies and social weaponries.
Aldous Huxley
Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.
Roger Zelazny | Technology Quotes
The power to hurt... has evolved in a direct relationship to technological advancement.
Peter Medawar
Creosote has a pretty technological smell.
Arthur C. Clarke
Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology.
Marshall McLuhan
Our book technology has Gutenberg at one end and the Ford assembly lines at the other. Both are obsolete.
Arthur C. Clarke
Our lifetime may be the last that will be lived out in a technological society.

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