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It is better to have a prosaic husband and to take a romantic lover.
Fragments, sec. 10


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Dramatists have always made fun of the friendship between a husband and his wife's lover. But is it so comic? These two men undoubtedly have more to say to one another than the lover and his mistress. They get on perfectly well, and it is often the husband's presence that makes endurable the intolerable boredom of certain affairs of this sort. Cases have been known where a break occurred almost immediately following the husband's withdrawal from the scene.

Andre Maurois

Adultery is in most cases a theft in the dark. At such moments almost every woman betrays her husband's innermost secrets; becomes a Delilah who discloses to a stranger, discloses to her lover, the mysteries of her husband's strength or weakness. What seems to me treason is, not that women give themselves, but that a woman is prone, when she does so, to justify herself to herself by uncovering her husband's nakedness, exposing it to the inquisitive and scornful gaze of a stranger.

Stefan Zweig

I have the most romantic husband. I do.

Heidi Klum

The lover in the husband may be lost.

George Lyttelton

There hardly can be a greater difference between any two men, than there too often is, between the same man, a lover and a husband.

Samuel Richardson
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