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James Stephens (author) (1880 – 1950)

Irish novelist, broadcaster and poet, now best known for his fantasy novel The Crock of Gold.
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James Stephens (author)
If I asked her master he'd give me a cask a day;
But she, with the beer at hand, not a gill would arrange!
May she marry a ghost and bear him a kitten, and may
The High King of Glory permit her to get the mange.
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Because our lives are cowardly and sly,
Because we do not dare to take or give,
Because we scowl and pass each other by,
We do not live; we do not dare to live.
Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.

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Finality is death. Perfection is finality. Nothing is perfect. There are lumps in it.
Stephens James (author)
The duty of a lyrical poet is not to express or explain, it is to intensify life.
James Stephens (author) quotes
I would think
Until I found
I can never find;
On the ground,
In the bottom
Of my mind.
James Stephens (author)
Speech and prose are not the same thing. They have different wave-lengths, for speech moves at the speed of light, where prose moves at the speed of the alphabet, and must be consecutive and grammatical and word-perfect. Prose cannot gesticulate. Speech can sometimes do nothing else.
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