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Sarah Chang

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The ultimate high for me is being onstage in front of an audience. Nothing else can compare.

Sarah Chang

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Jerry Springer: Ok. But the audience is sitting out here and you're up onstage. What do you do onstage?

GG Allin

(about concerts)"I love the adrenaline rush you get from having a live audience in front of you. There's nothing like performing live. I like to categorize classical music as one of those really beautiful, glamorous gems from the old era. The men are in tails onstage, the women are in beautiful dresses and the soloist comes out in a gorgeous evening gown. I really, really love that old-school glamour.For me, concert days are always exciting. It doesn't matter if I give 100 concerts or 150 concerts that season. Every concert is magical. Every concert has a sparkle to it. The challenge is to keep myself fresh and to give a spontaneous performance every single night while maturing and growing as a musician every day. The whole art form of being onstage is so mysterious and magical, it fascinates me. "

Sarah Chang

[to the front of audience] What was I talking about? Can you remember, eh? What? [to audience at the back] Shut the f**k up, I'm talking to someone! [to front again] Button your cardigan, I can see your cleavage.

Billy Connolly

We all trying to get to where the suffering ends. In front of the Most High, being judged for our sins. Can't front for the Most High.

Lupe Fiasco

Peter Sellers, a showbiz baby, was carried onstage two weeks into his life by vaudevillian Dickie Henderson, who encouraged the audience to join him in singing "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow." Little Peter instantly burst into tears and the audience erupted into laughter and applause. From Pete's perspective, this emotional scenario was played out more or less consistently until his death in 1980.

Peter Sellers
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