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Sammy Wilson

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Our message to the perverts who voted for them [Sinn Féin] is that they will not get anything through this council.
Andersonstown News (March 5, 1988)

Sammy Wilson

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We in Ulster will tolerate no Sinn Féin. But we tell you this—that if, having offered you our help, you are yourselves unable to protect us from the machinations of Sinn Féin, and you won't take our help; well then, we tell you that we will take the matter into our own hands. We will reorganise.

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My message to Sinn Fein is clear. The settlement train is leaving. I want you on that train. But it is leaving anyway and I will not allow it to wait for you.

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Sinn Fein say, "The British government are buggers".

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Constantine may have been a lifelong pagan but he was also a pragmatist and in 325 Anno Domini he decided to unify Rome under a single religion, Christianity.… And to strengthen this new Christian tradition, Constantine held a famous ecumenical gathering known as the Council of Nicaea, and at this council the many sects of Christianity debated and voted on well, everything from the acceptance and rejection of specific gospels to the date for Easter to the ministry of sacrament, and of course, the immortality of Jesus.

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On social issues, and this is where you get the charges of hypocrisy, Craig has pledged his opposition to gay marriage and civil unions, he voted against allowing gays and lesbians in the military, he voted against abortion rights, and he voted guilty in the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton.

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