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April Winchell

Voice actor, radio personality, and editor of Regretsy.
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April Winchell
"We've talked about coffee enemas and they're perfectly fine, except the doughnuts get stuck in the hose. And that just ruins everything."
Winchell quotes
[Referring to the radio station program director]: "I'll get him to call me some day, even if it means spilling cheese all over my brassiere at KFI, by gawd."
"Your body is a temple, whether you're a Jew or not."

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"Out came Ms. Hilton in a Juicy track suit, chattering away like a gibbon on her jewel-encrusted cell phone. It was like magic, if magic were like a extra-strength laxative."
Winchell April
"Look at you, turning on me like a Pomeranian!"
April Winchell quotes
"I'm doin' radio and there's a bag in front of me on the console that says 'Butt Stink' on it. Somethin' ain't right."
April Winchell
[Referring to actress Winona Ryder] "Get over it! Your 'wide-eyed, gamine, trembling chipmunk' thing! Get over it!"
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