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Sadness Quotes - random - 100+ quotes

George Ade | Sadness Quotes
She was a soprano of the kind often used for augmenting grief at a funeral.
Emil Cioran
Woes and wonders of power, that tonic hell, synthesis of poison and panacea.
Herman Melville
In armies, navies, cities, or families, in nature herself, nothing more relaxes good order than misery.

William Cullen Bryant
Old ocean's gray and melancholy waste.
Thomas Gray
And moody madness laughing wild
Amid severest woe.
Thomas Carlyle | Sadness Quotes
If they be inhabited, what a scope for misery and folly; if they be na inhabited, what a waste of space.
Waste not fresh tears over old griefs.
Emo Philips
When I was ten, my family moved to Downers Grove, Illinois. When I was twelve, I found them.
Alfred Bunn
The heart bowed down by weight of woe
To weakest hope will cling.
Benjamin Disraeli
Grief is the agony of an instant; the indulgence of Grief the blunder of a life.
Emil Cioran | Sadness Quotes
Woe to the book you can read without constantly wondering about the author!

Chris Rock
Comedy is the blues for people who can't sing.
Timbaland: "Madonna's a funky lady, she's up for everything."
George Eliot
Childhood has no forebodings; but then, it is soothed by no memories of outlived sorrow.
Jean de La Bruyere
Grief at the absence of a loved one is happiness compared to life with a person one hates.
I put out an ad in the classifieds: ‘Wanted, superhero. I’m a damsel in distress’.
Depression is anger without enthusiasm. - Steven C
David Levy
There are three things needed to eliminate human misery. Unfortunately, nobody knows what they are.
John Updike
[Harry, to Nelson] "Don't forget, there's a Depression coming."
Oliver Goldsmith
Through torrid tracts with fainting steps they go,
Where wild Altama murmurs to their woe.

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