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Sadness Quotes - random

Anthony Burgess | Sadness Quotes
"The scientific approach to life is not necessarily appropriate to states of visceral anguish."
Blaise Pascal
Without amusement there is no joy; with amusement there is no sadness. 139
Erica Jong
Unhappiness is our element. We come to believe we can't function without it.

Joe Hill
Goodbye Bill. I die like a true blue rebel. Don't waste any time in mourning. Organize.
Jane Addams
... of all the aspects of social misery nothing is so heartbreaking as unemployment ...
Peter Greenaway | Sadness Quotes
Nun 1: Sir, it is only a play... with music. Do not distress yourself.
Sarada Devi
Ordinary human love results in misery. Love for God brings blessedness.
Oscar Wilde
Where there is sorrow there is holy ground.
Depression is anger without enthusiasm. - Steven C
James Howell
To have gold brings fear; to have none brings grief.
Ambrose Bierce | Sadness Quotes
Happiness is lost by criticizing it; sorrow by accepting it.

Joan Robinson
A depression is a situation of self-fulfilling pessimism.
Gautama Buddha
Desire is the cause for all your sickness and misery.
Ahmed Shah Durrani
Away from you, grief clings to my heart like a snake.
Jonathan Katz
I hate going to funerals because I'm not a mourning person.
Any mind that is capable of a real sorrow is capable of good.
Henry Lawson
Old Mathews drank to drown sorrow, which is the strongest swimmer in the world.
Edward Gibbon
Our sympathy is cold to the relation of distant misery.
Conor Oberst
And I sing and sing of awful things
The pleasure that my sadness brings.
John Home
In the first days
Of my distracting grief, I found myself
As women wish to be who love their lords.

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