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Ronald David Laing

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I'm ridiculous to feel ridiculous when I'm not.
You must
       be laughing at me
for feeling you are laughing at me
       if you are not laughing at me.
ß2, p. 22

Ronald David Laing

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This horrible decade where all of us men tried to be individual wearing the exact same flaming skull on a bedazzled Ed Hardy thermal. I have three of them, I'm not laughing at you I'm laughing with you.

Christopher Titus

Of all ridiculous things, it seems to me the most ridiculous is to be a busy man of affairs, prompt to meals, and prompt to work. Hence when I see a fly settle down in a crucial moment on the nose of a business man, or see him bespattered by a carriage which passes by him in even greater haste, or a drawbridge opens before him, or a tile from the roof falls down and strikes him dead, then I laugh heartily. And who could help laughing? What do they accomplish, these hustlers? Are they not like the housewife, when her house was on fire, who in her excitement saved the fire-tongs? What more do they save from the great fire of life?

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I'm not laughing at you. [...] I'm laughing at the whole stupid business. We face the biggest threat in our history and they give me a helmet too big,and you a helmet too small, and tell us we can't exchange them. It's too much. Really.

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Icke: The best way of removing negativity is to laugh and be joyous, Terry, so I'm glad that there's been so much laughter in the audience tonight.
Wogan: But they're laughing at you. They're not laughing with you.
Icke: I don't care.

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Is that what he said? Is that what he said? He can talk! No, itís true. Iím terrible. Do you know what? Iíve got quite an easy job. Iíve just got to look at people, say lines and not laugh. And two of those I do okay-ish. But basically Iím just shit at quite an ordinary job, namely not laughing. Itís not that hard not to laugh. The guy who sold me my travel card, he didnít wet himself laughing. You just donít do it.

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