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Ritsuko Okazaki

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I'm alright. I love you. I love my life. I'm always close to you.
"I'm Always Close to You", For Ritz

Ritsuko Okazaki

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Seeing that your love's true.
Never I'll doubt you.
My heart belongs to you.
That's alright with me.
Worlds could end around me.
So in love that I can't see.
You and me were meant to be.
That's alright with me.

Janet Jackson

It's alright if you love me,
It's alright if you don't.
I'm not afraid of you runnin' away,
Honey I get the feeling you won't.

Tom Petty

Love's arms were wreathed about the neck of Hope,
And Hope kiss'd Love, and Love drew in her breath
In that close kiss and drank her whisper'd tales.
They said that Love would die when Hope was gone.
And Love mourn'd long, and sorrow'd after Hope;
At last she sought out Memory, and they trod
The same old paths where Love had walked with Hope,
And Memory fed the soul of Love with tears.

Alfred (Lord) Tennyson

Oh, love, love, love
Love on a hilltop high,
Love against a cloudless sky,
Love where the scene is
Painted by a million stars,
Love with martinis
In the cabarets and bars.
Oh, love, love, love...

Anthony Burgess

It is not the healthy, the confident, the proud, the joyous, the happy, that one must love - they have no need of one's love! Arrogant and indifferent, they accept love only as homage that is theirs to command, as their due. The devotion of another is to them a mere embellishment, an ornament for the hair, a bracelet on the arm, not the whole meaning and bliss of their lives. Only those with whom life has dealt hardly, the wretched, the slighted, the uncertain, the unlovely, the humiliated, could really be helped by love. He who devotes his life to them atones to them for what life has taken from them. They alone know how to love and be loved as one should love - gratefully and humbly.

Stefan Zweig
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