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Stan Rogers (1949 – 1983)

Canadian folk musician and songwriter.
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Stan Rogers
Oh, the year was seventeen seventy-eight (how I wish I was in Sherbrooke now!)
Rogers quotes
Ah, for just one time I would take the Northwest Passage
To find the hand of Franklin reaching for the Beaufort Sea
Tracing one warm line through a land so wide and savage
And make a northwest passage to the sea.
Seeking gold and glory, leaving weathered, broken bones
And a long-forgotten lonely cairn of stones.

Rogers Stan quotes
To seek a Northwest Passage at the call of many men
To find there but the road back home again.
Rogers Stan
No matter what you've lost
Be it a home, a love, a friend
Like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again.
Stan Rogers quotes
Rise again
Rise again
That her name not be lost to the knowledge of men.
Stan Rogers
God damn them all!
I was told we'd cruise the seas for American gold
we'd fire no guns -- shed no tears!
Now I'm a broken man on a Halifax pier
The last of Barrett's Privateers.
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