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James Jeffrey Roche (1847 – 1908)

Irish-American poet, journalist and diplomat, Editor of the Boston Pilot and Helped put Teddy Roosevelt in to office.
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James Jeffrey Roche
The love of man and woman is as fire
To warm, to light, but surely to consume
And self-consuming die…
But comrade-love is as a welding blast
Of candid flame and ardent temperature:
Glowing more fervent, it doth bind more fast;
And melting both but makes the union sure.
The dross alone is burnt—till at the last
The steel, if cold, is one and strong and pure.
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All loved Art in a seemly way
With an earnest soul and a capital A.
A brave endeavor
To do thy duty, whate'er its worth,
Is better than life with love forever
And love is the sweetest thing on earth.

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The net of law is spread so wide,
No sinner from its sweep may hide.
Its meshes are so fine and strong
They take in every child of wrong.
O wondrous web of mystery !
Big fish alone escape from thee !
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