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Ronnie Coleman

Retired American professional bodybuilder who shares the record of eight straight wins as Mr Olympia.
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Ronnie Coleman
Hard work and training. There's no secret formula. I lift heavy, work hard and aim to be the best.
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I want to help the up-and-coming kids. A lot of times, kids don't have much to do in the summer time. When I was a kid I didn't do nothing. I want to get body building out there and it will start with the younger generation.
I just take it year by year. So much time is dedicated to doing this [winning championships] that I can't see having too much time for much else.

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I wasn't given the genetics for football. This is my gift right here. I was always well-built. You can't do certain sports without the genetics, and talent, too, of course.
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You can't do this if you're not dedicated and determined, and have a strong faith. Because it's extremely hard, especially trying to work a job and do it.
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It's so overwhelming. It's almost better than winning the lottery, because you worked for it. It's like something you want all your life, but you never thought it would happen, and all of a sudden it did.
Ronnie Coleman
I used to think that my career was to be a police officer, and that is what I was put here to do. But I always kept the faith and always worked hard on my goals and I finally found out on Sept. 25, 1998, why I was put here - (God) called me here to be Mr. Olympia.
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