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Roger McGough

English poet from Liverpool, and one of three poets in the best-selling anthology The Mersey Sound.
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Roger McGough
The general at the radar screen
Rubbed his hands with glee,
And grinning pressed the button
And started world war three.
McGough quotes
he thinks about his journey nearly done.
One day he'll clock on and never clock off
or clock off and never clock on
The general at the radar screen
he should have got the sack
But that wouldn't bring
Three thousand million, seven hundred, and sixty-eight people back,
Would it?

McGough Roger quotes
... i stood up and
said it was a pity that the world didn't nearly
end every lunchtime and that we could always
pretend. ...
McGough Roger
There's the moon trying to look romantic
Moon's too old that's her trouble
Aren't we all?
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