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Meg White

Drummer of the rock band The White Stripes.
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Meg White
We never really cared about all the things that other people cared about, you know? Like, people recognizing me on the street never interested me. I've always been kind of suspicious of the world, anyway, so it's pretty easy for me to live in my own little world.
White quotes
We've never had problems. We love each other, understand each other, and get past anything.
I was able to afford a car that didn't break down every five minutes.

White Meg quotes
Actually I don't. I've never played with a bass player before, so I wouldn't even know. It wouldn't feel like it's missing, I just think it's normal ... I prefer it that way so I only have to concentrate on Jack.
White Meg
I wasn't brought up with any religion, actually.
Meg White quotes
We were like a moth right next to the flame. It's like, do any more and you go down. We were so tired. One final lap, and then have a rest.
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