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Rachel Whiteread

Turner Prize-winning artist, best known for her sculptures, which typically take the form of casts.
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Rachel Whiteread
I don't want to make plop art sculpture that just gets plopped down in places. I wouldn't want to litter every corner of the world with my sculpture.
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I make all this stuff in the studio, but I also work on these white elephants like House or Untitled Monument things that are incredibly ambitious, take an awful long time to do, involve a lot of controversy, an awful lot of people, and don't make any money particularly, but it's just because I need to make them.
I think the difference between me and some of the other YBAs [Young British Artists] was that I was ambitious for the work, and not ambitious for myself.

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We still have prostitutes standing on our corner, and people crapping round the back of buildings. The charms are still there.
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