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Julio Cortazar (1914 – 1984)

Argentine intellectual and author of several experimental novels and many short stories.
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Julio Cortazar
'Andábamos sin buscarnos pero sabiendo que andábamos para encontrarnos.'
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'Ahora pasa que las tortugas son grandes admiradoras de la velocidad, como es natural. Las esperanzas lo saben, y no se preocupan. Los famas lo saben, y se burlan. Los cronopios lo saben, y cada vez que encuentran una tortuga, sacan la caja de tizas de colores y sobre la redonda pizarra de la tortuga dibujan una golondrina.'
I touch your mouth, I touch the edge of your mouth with my finger, I am drawing it as if it were something my hand was sketching, as if for the first time your mouth opened a little, and all I have to do is close my eyes to erase it and start all over again, every time I can make the mouth I want appear, the mouth which my hand chooses and sketches on your face, and which by some chance that I do not seek to understand coincides exactly with your mouth which smiles beneath the one my hand is sketching on you.

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"The snail lives the way I like to live; he carries his own home with him."
Cortazar Julio
Time is born in the eyes, everybody knows that.
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