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Josette Sheeran

Eleventh Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme, a position she assumed in April 2007.
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Josette Sheeran
I believe we're living at a time in human history where it's just simply unacceptable that children wake up and don't know where to find a cup of food. Not only that, transforming hunger is an opportunity, but I think we have to change our mindsets. I am so honored to be here with some of the world's top innovators and thinkers. And I would like you to join with all of humanity to draw a line in the sand and say, "No more. No more are we going to accept this." And we want to tell our grandchildren that there was a terrible time in history where up to a third of the children had brains and bodies that were stunted, but that exists no more.
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I am in the hunger business; it is what we do exclusively, 24/7, and I am sorry to tell you that business is booming.
A silent tsunami which knows no borders is sweeping the world.

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If any good comes out of the current famine in the Horn of Africa — amidst the pictures of mothers carrying dying babies at their shrivelled breasts and hollow-eyed children with swollen bellies and matchstick limbs — it will be galvanising the world on the need to ensure access to nutritious food for the world’s most vulnerable people.
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Josette Sheeran, executive director of the United Nations World Food Programme, stated that people who don't have food have three choices – "revolt, migrate or die". "We need a better plan," she said, pointing to the one in seven people who are food insecure. 70% of brain growth takes place before the age of two so deprivation of food in infants is long-lasting.
Josette Sheeran quotes
With climate change and health crises rightfully receiving international attention, the time has come to focus on hunger as a top priority. WHO regards hunger and malnutrition as the gravest threat to public health, and climate change threatens to further destabilise already fragile food-production systems.
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